COSMOS study

Characterising the impact of Oxidative Stress & Mitochondrial function on Outcomes following major Surgery.


What is COSMOS?

COSMOS is an observational study looking into how our bodies react to the process of surgery.

In particular we are interested in how the mitochondria, the “powerhouses” inside our cells, responsible for producing almost all our energy, are affected by the stress of major surgery.

We take muscle samples from real patients during their operation, and make complex measurements from the mitochondria themselves.  We also take samples of blood, and measure the degree of molecular damage caused by the release of reactive oxygen species (“oxidative stress”) during the operation. Patients also undergo an exercise test (cardiopulmonary exercise test) prior to the operation.  This study will help us to develop a further understanding of why some patients make a better recovery after surgery than others.


Dr Daniel Martin (principal Investigator)

Dr Jia Liu Stevens (lead investigator)

Dr Gavin Jell, Medina Guliyeva, Helder Filipe, Christine Eastgate, Margaret McNeil